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Features of Pogocam wearable camera kits

Pogocam Retail Box Display


The PogoCam comes in the finest retail packaging available. 

Included in the Pogocam retail kit


Every boxes kit includes the Pogocam wearable camera, the smart case, PogoLoops, safety rings, & a cable to connect to your computer or laptop.

Pogocam connects to most glasses


Connect the Pogocam to most any pair of glasses with the PogoLoops, which are included in the kit. 

PogoCam wearable camera


Close up view of the PogoCam wearable camera. 

PogoCam easily fits on sunglasses


PogoCams attach to glasses via magnes, so they can easily and quickly be placed on and off the glasses. 

PogoCams are stylish and elegant


Photos and videos are easy to take from a personal point of view. 

Glasses with a PogoLoop on them


Once a PogoLoop is placed on your pair of glasses, then the PogoCam can quickly and easily be attached and removed from your glasses. 

Glasses with a PogoCam attached


Glasses with a PogoCam attached give the best position to take POV pictures and videos. 

PogoCam with the Smart Case


The PogoCam easily slides into the Smart Case, in order to transfer photos & videos, and to recharge your PogoCam. 

A very small, but powerful camera


Although the PogoCam is very small, it is very powerful, as it takes 5MP photos, and 720 HD videos. 

PogoCam is popular at trade shows


PogoCam is very popular at trade shows, including the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas.

PogoCam kit contents


The PogoCam kit also comes with a cleaning cloth, instructions, and other accessories. 

Attach a PogoLoop to your glasses


Easily attach a PogoLoop to your glasses, so you can use the PogoCam with your glasses. 

PogoCam kit include 3 PogoLoops


The PogoCam kits include 3 PogoLoops, so that they will work with most sizes and pairs of glasses. 

Closeout of a PogoLoop


The PogoLoops are designed with magnets inside, so they are powerful enough to hold the PogoCams. 

POV videos, photos with PogoCam


  Once the PogoCam is attached to your glasses, you can quickly and easily take great POV videos, and photos, with a click of a button.

PogoCams displayed at CES show


PogoCams were a bit hit at the CES show in Las Vegas. 

PogoTrack Sunglasses



Although PogoCam will work with almost any pair of regular glasses, they also work great with the specialty designed PogoTrack Glasses, which are designed by Foster Grant. The Foster Grant PogoTrack glasses, come with a magnetic track, which easily holds the PogoCams. The PogoTrack sunglasses come in 12 various styles.


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