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Wearable Cameras / PogoCam / Pogotrack Sunglasses / wholesale Discounts

Wearable Cameras / PogoCam / Pogotrack Sunglasses / wholesale Discounts

Wearable Cameras / PogoCam / Pogotrack Sunglasses / wholesale DiscountsWearable Cameras / PogoCam / Pogotrack Sunglasses / wholesale Discounts

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Best Buy Buyer - Five out of Five Star Review / By Violet / Verified Best Buy buyer

 Really good quality for the price. Also love the size of it! 

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy use, great videos! By D. Longon March 1, 2018 - Amazon Buyer

 Great videos and pictures. Used the adapter on my own Rudy Project frame to capture videos during a pistol shooting competition. The videos will give me the ability to view my activities through my own prospective allowing me to critique myself. Nice camera, small and easy to use! Downloaded easy via Bluetooth to my phone. Highly recommend! 

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product!! By MAon December 15, 2017 Verified Purchase - Amazon Buyer

 Great little camera, was amazed at the quality. I had some initial questions and I chatted with the customer service folks who were excellent. My experience was top notch, the camera is great. will recommend and purchasing a second one for a Christmas gift. 

4.0 out of 5 stars By Bill Tayloron July 10, 2018 Verified Purchase

 Limited to 30 second video's but it is a good camera 

5 out of 5 starsFive Stars ByRenaldo Owenson February 26, 2018 Verified Purchase

 I like everything about the product!!! 

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars ByBill Sydneson February 22, 2018 Verified Purchase

 Awesome camera. Be careful not to lose it! 


5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely LOVE my PogoCam!! / ByJameson December 16, 2017

 I bought one to use at my daughter's wedding. It was great (although she made me take it off when I walked her up the aisle). I wore it the rest of the day and captured the most amazing pictures and videos and easily transferred them to my laptop. Everyone was intrigued by it and I am sure that a few have purchased their own. The quality of the videos and images I was able to take rivals the kind I could take on my iPhone X!! I am now going to buy one for each of my children. It's also remarkable easy to use after you play around with it a few time. Practice first before shooting with it to gauge the proper head positioning. After that - it's like riding a bicycle - it comes naturally. What I like most about this device is that you can capture those moments when you know you want to take a picture or a video by just pushing the button -- no need to take out your phone and swipe through a bunch of apps to find the camera. I absolutely love my PogoCam -- I take it everywhere. 

Five Stars BySherri Lindenon January 26, 2018

 Gave as gift for my husband to use at some of our events and he absolutely loves it!!! 

Five Stars The photos and videos are great. This truly does allows /By TheBigPermon December 3, 2017

 The PogoCam is an incredible little camera. I used the loop and attached it to my regular glasses. I can't even feel the weight of it or tell anything is there. The photos and videos are great. This truly does allow me to watch life in the first person instead of through my phone screen as I am taking videos of my kids this weekend. I don't post a lot on Amazon but this is too good of a product not to. Thanks PogoCam! 

Five Stars - Smallest and lightest self contained camera available / By DKon April 6, 2018

 I purchased this directly from Pogocam website. Great micro camera, really well thought out. The Pogocam is by far the smallest and lightest self contained camera available with h.264 file format. I am very impressed with the build quality; high quality materials, excellent fit and finish, and it works every time. The fact that Pogotec used a USB-C connection is a big bonus, as I feel this type of connector is much more robust the prior versions of USB. This is not a cheaply made camera.

My camera stays very secure on the provided glasses mount for its intended use. and speaking of intended use, in my view, this is not intended to be an action camera, but rather a camera that can quickly capture moments on the go, without having to pull my phone out of my pocket and use 2 hands.

I also appreciate the software design features, where you are not able to use this as a spy cam, by limited video recording time, loud beep, and flashing lights are fixed, this eliminates the creepiness factor (i.e. google glasses).

Wireless video and photo transfer has the same limitations as any other Bluetooth camera connections on your phone, but you do have another option (hack) of connecting the camera directly to the phone - this is a great alternative to using the wireless transfer, or having to carry the case if you do not want the extra bulk.

Of course, I am always interested in higher resolution video and images, however, I do appreciate that there are limits to technology, size and battery power. I think the Pogocam is pushing those current limits. 

Staying in the moment + capturing the memory! By TaylorBlockon December 20, 2017

 I've been searching for a product that enables me to capture the moment without somewhat missing it. The need to record or take a photo from my phone feels like I'm still missing the moment - this is a great solution to that problem. Easy to attach - simple to use 

Four Stars By Donald Barclayon January 14, 2018 Verified Purchase



Five Stars / Hands-free, Easy to Use By AZon December 12, 2017

 Great alternative to using your phone when you’re on the go. Easy to capture quality pictures and video hands free.    

* Recent PogoCam reviews 

5.0 out of 5 stars This camera ROCKS!!! By Paul B. on December 8, 2017

 This is an awesome technology device! Pictures and video are great, size is super-small and you do not notice any weight on the glasses. Its so small others do not notice the cameras! The sync and charging device is smart and well made. This is leading edge technology. The app is not out just yet but coming soon. In the meantime, downloading to computer is a breeze! 

Five Stars - Very cool little device By Jon Yerrickon December 15, 2017

 Very cool little device. Great for POV recording. Very light and easy to use. Awesome and responsive customer service team took care of all of my questions and concerns. 

Five out of 5 stars By Sean McDougallon January 27, 2018

 This is a great, unique product and very user friendly. I highly recommend it! 

Five Stars By Jack McDougallon January 26, 2018

Great for taking pics and video while skiing and all outdoor activities. 

Five Stars Great! By Aimmieson December 13, 2017

 This camera is awesome! uploaded wirelessly to my laptop. apple app is coming soon.